Eilean nan Dìneasar - The Island of the Dinosaurs

Skye as you’ve never seen it before – a subtropical landscape of beaches, lagoons – and dinosaurs!

170 million years ago, Skye was a stomping ground for dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes including theropods that later evolved into the famous T-rex, huge, long-necked sauropods that were the largest animals in the world at the time and plated ornithischians such as early stegosaurs.  

The Middle Jurassic was an important period in the evolution of dinosaurs and astonishingly, Skye is one of the few places in the world where fossils from that period have been found.

This programme visits sites across the island where dinosaur footprints and bones have been found, and talks to the experts who found and studied them. At Staffin Museum, local dinosaur and fossil expert and enthusiast Dugie Ross tells us about his unique collection.  



Assistant Producer/Camera - Robyn Low
Camera/Producer/Director - Julie McCrone