Greenland: Sgeul Isobel Wylie Hutchison

Arctic adventure and solitary long-distance walking. Not the average pastimes of a woman born in Scotland in 1889. 

Kirsty MacDonald follows in the footsteps of pioneering Scottish adventurer Isobel Wylie Hutchison from her birthplace at Carlowrie castle near Edinburgh to Greenland.

Being related to Isobel, this is a personal journey for Kirsty. She retraces part of the route Isobel took when she walked the length of the Western Isles in 1924.

Isobel lived a whole year on the island of Uummannaq in Greenland. Kirsty tracks down the house she lived in, meets people whose relatives were photographed by Isobel and even encounters whales in this Arctic island paradise.

Isobel had many strings to her bow: a writer of diaries, books and poetry, an artist, a film-maker and a botanist who travelled the Arctic sending back specimens to Kew Gardens and the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh.



Presenter - Kirsty MacDonald
Camera/Director - Julie McCrone/Ramsay MacMahon