Mach à Seo! (Outta Here!) Series 5

Mach à Seo!/Let’s Go! follows the likeable young presenter, Ramsay MacMahon, as he ventures far and wide across Scotland. Ramsay, who lives and works in Glasgow, is a firm believer in escaping the city at the weekend for adventures in the wild countryside and coastal areas.


With Scotland on his doorstep, Ramsay shows that you don’t have to go far or cross any borders to have an action-packed holiday. Scotland has it all - beaches, dramatic ancient castles, clifftop accommodation, breath-taking turquoise sea water and a never-ending list of adrenaline-filled high-octane outdoor activities such as cycling, whisky drinking, canoeing…



Presenter/Producer - Ramsay MacMahon
Directors - Robyn Low/Peter MacQueen/Julie McCrone