My Husband's Gay tells four moving stories of shattered marital bliss, as couples deal with the husband's revelation that he is gay.

Matt and Sarah seemed to have it all; a loving marriage, high flying jobs and a new baby.  However, Matt was living a lie and after ten years together, confessed to his unsuspecting wife that he was gay.

Sam and Dave have found a surprising way of coping with Dave's homosexuality. Married for seven years, they still share the same bedroom, and describe themselves as the "real life Will and Grace." Dave came out only fourteen months ago and Sam is fiercely supportive of her husband, even packing his clubbing clothes before waving him off on a wild weekend in gay party town, Brighton.

Fifty-one year old Vijay came out only three years ago. Afraid of the reaction of his Asian community and for the sake of his four children, he had suppressed his feelings. Now out, he is tackling his own phobia of gay men.

Five years ago, Kevin confronted feelings that had haunted him since childhood, and came out to wife Katie. He is still wracked with guilt as he recalls he and Katie's fairytale wedding. A tortured Katie doesn't think she can ever trust another man.

Each couple tells their unique story of love, pain and the struggle to cope.



Assistant Producer - Faye Maclean
Producer/Director - Benetta Adamson
Executive Producer - Dean Palmer & Bridget Boseley