Life changed dramatically for 11 youngsters from Orkney when they embarked on a new life - a life away from the familiarity and security of home and family - to begin an adventure filled with tears and tantrums, laughter and incident.

The remote and tiny islands of Shapinsay, Rousay, Stronsay, Flotta and Eday are scattered around the coast of 'mainland' Orkney.   On these islands, the population is so miniscule that there are no secondary schools.   Upon reaching the grand old age of twelve and completing P7,  pupils  wave  goodbye to family, friends and life as they know it and set sail for the mainland town of Kirkwall where they live with 100 fellow hostellers in the Papdale Halls of Residence and attend the huge Kirkwall Grammar School.

Our 13 part series shot around the year, Over the Sea to School follows the newest residents of the hostel as they experience the strains and rewards of life away from home.



Assistant Producer - Julie McCrone
Camera/Director - Neil Thom & Lorna Galt
Series Producer - Faye MacLean
Series Director - Les Wilson
Executive Producers - Nick Wilson & Seona Robertson