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The Father of Australia

Lachlan Macquarie, born into poverty on a small Hebridean island, rose to become Governor - absolute ruler - of the British colony that would become Australia. 

He and his wife, Elizabeth - Australia's first Power Couple - set a notorious penal colony on course to become a modern nation. 

Macquarie was brought down by powerful enemies in the colony.  Yet, two and a half centuries after his birth, he's an Australian hero. 

Drama-documentary starring Clive Russell as Lachlan Macquarie, and Julie Wilson Nimmo Elizabeth.  Narrated by David Tennant.


Narrator - David Tennant
Lachlan Macquarie - Clive Russell
Elizabeth Macquarie - Julie Wilson Nimmo
Producers - Seona Robertson & Stuart Scowcroft
Director - Les Wilson

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