Sàr-Sgeòil: Frankenstein

Cathy Macdonald explores the fact behind the fiction in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. From the resurrectionists and anatomy classes of the early 19th century to the sights and smells of the whaling ships coming into port, Cathy finds out where Mary took her inspiration for the book and how her time spent living in Dundee as a teenager helped to inspire the novel.

Cathy also visits Orkney, where Mary Shelley chose to take her famous character - and his creature.

Frankenstein - the story and the character - have endured over the centuries since it was published in 1818, inspiring numerous films, television shows ... and comics. Cathy talks to University of Dundee's Chair of Comic Studies about the impact the novel has had on the comic world.

Cathy reveals the often unknown Scottish connections to one of the most famous novels ever written.



Presenter - Cathy MacDonald
Camera/Assistant Producer - Megan Dale
Camera/Producer/Director - Julie McCrone