Cathy MacDonald visits Applecross in Wester Ross, the setting for Graeme Macrae Burnet’s critically-acclaimed novel.  This dark tale centres on a brutal and bloody triple murder committed in 1869 by a young man named Roddy Macrae.

In the preface to the novel, the author explains that printed within his book is the murderer’s hand-written account.  Printed for the first time, almost unchanged by the author, it details the events leading up to the murders.

But Macrae Burnet’s novel is a work of fiction, cleverly disguised as non-fiction.  In true Gothic style, the author uses all the tricks of the novelist’s trade to make the reader accept it as historically accurate.   But just what is the fact behind the fiction in this deceptive tale?   Cathy MacDonald investigates. 



Presenter - Cathy MacDonald
Camera/Producer/Directors - Julie McCrone & Faye MacLean