Drugs, bullying, binge-drinking, truancy, vandalism, shoplifting and assault - these are the first teenage steps that can lead to a life of crime.

This 6-part Channel 4 documentary experiment called 'Teens on Trial' now aims to halt this depressing decline at the first hurdle. Caledonia TV, an independent production company, were commissioned to import a highly successful American scheme that might just prove to be a possible solution, using the effective method of peer pressure. The system allows teenagers to run their own courtroom and try their wayward peers themselves. Could this scheme help curb Britain's growing yob culture?

Teen Court is run just like a real court, but with teenagers taking all the key roles - lawyers, clerks, ushers and jurors. The key difference between this and a criminal court is that Teen Court 'defendants' have already admitted their guilt. The task of the teenage jurors is to find a punishment to fit the crime.



Series Producer - Dean Palmer
Series Director - Kate Shepherd
Executive Producers - Seona Robertson Deborah Ward