Waterloo was one of history's bloodiest and most decisive battles - 200,000 men fighting over two square miles of ground. This docudrama reveals the front line action through the eyes of four Scottish soldiers - Highlanders and Lowlanders, veterans and rookies - and a remarkable army wife who was on the battlefield with a six month old baby.

These Scots were not only fighters - many of them became writers. Scotland was the most literate nation in Europe, and the ordinary 'Jocks' left terrifying vivid accounts of being directly in the line of fire.

Our Waterloo Scots were in the thick of the action at key points -  Quatre Bras, the siege of Hougoumont, the Royal Scots Greys cavalry charge, the capture of the French Eagle of the 45th and the British squares.

These Scottish stories unfold, through gritty and realistic drama re-enactments, over the extraordinary day of 18th June 1815 when 50,000 died in the colossal struggle that was Waterloo.




Narrator - David Hayman
Writer - Les Wilson
Executive Producers - David Harron & Mícheál O'Malley
Producers - Stephen Rooke & Seona Robertson
Director - Ruan Magan