The Trick Pony Club

Jousting knights on horseback and gun-slinging, acrobatic cowboys. This is the life of Scotland’s stunt horse team. They travel the length of the UK performing exhilarating stunt shows.

Whilst most riders are trying to stay on their horses, this troupe train to fall off. No laughing matter when you’re working with horses that can weigh up to 400kg, the weight of a grand piano.

Based on a farm just outside Jedburgh in the Scottish Borders, the team divulge the secret to skilled stunt choreography and show-stopping performances. Lances and swords, trick guns and period costumes are all staples for the team.



Narrator - Jill Douglas
Executive Producers - Les Wilson/David Harron
Assistant Producer & Camera - Robyn Low
Filmed & Directed - Ramsay MacMahon